Summit Service System™ - Software for Service Businesses


  • Septic Pumping / Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Grease Traps
  • Power Washing
  • Hazardous Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Oil Collection & Distribution
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Tree Trimming 
  • Landscape Design & Maintenance
  • Computer Consulting
  • Professional Engineering
  • Picture Framing & Art Supplies
  • Florist
  • Other Service Businesses and Trades

Software for service industries, including customer accounting and operations control from a work-order based job tracking system.

Whether performing services scheduled in advance or on an emergency response basis, Summit Service System helps you regain control of your business, improve customer service and job management, and build your business with automatic scheduling of next services (contracts) or automatic repeat business reminders (customer marketing). Service frequencies are tunable to each job, with complete details, diagrams, site photos, and parts inventory control for each technician. Flat-rate pricing or detailed invoicing capabilities are included. Workflow is managed with the Summit dispatch screen, where you have control over technicians' schedules, jobs by priority and service date/time. Additional information screens allow tracking of site tank details, lab samples, manifests, and disposal information. Grease and bio-fuel collectors can quickly manage customer reimbursements. When jobs are completed, a few clicks transform the work orders into payments and invoices. Customer accounting and job history are nearly automatic. The Summit Service System provides advanced tools for a dynamic business.

For those on a budget or new to the business, the "Plus" edition of the Summit Service System provides extensive job history, billing (including grease reimbursements) and accounting. (See Comparison Guide, below.) Unlike our Service tools, which focus strictly on job information, the "Plus" edition provides the opportunity to be more efficient with customer service, have professional invoices and accounting, and then expand to other capabilities as the need, time, and budget allow.

If you do not need a billing system, check our Summit Service Tools (specific tools to build your service business).

Choose from Plus, Pro, Deluxe or Premium editions. Each with Monthly or Standard Licensing to fit your needs and budget. See Comparison Guide below.

Product Comparison Guide
Product Edition / Feature Plus Pro Deluxe Premium
Customers, jobs, orders, history
Billing, basic receivables
Auto email invoices, etc.
Integrated credit cards
Auto repeat and reminder functions
Robust database structure
Basic routing/dispatching
Route optimizing on street level maps (anywhere in the world)
Basic inventory control
User login and menu-level password security+
Expanded routing/dispatching
Expanded inventory control
Expanded reporting
QuickBooks®/PeachTree® tie-in
GPS/AVL tie-in+
ERIT™ scanning/tracking+
Caller-ID tie-in*
Report writer built-in*
Smartphone integration*
Mobile Customer App*
Latest feature releases
+Update coming soon
*New feature coming soon

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Please contact us for more information on:
  • Data import/conversion from your old program.
  • ERIT scanning/tracking hardware (available for purchase online).
  • GPS/AVL hardware.
  • Continuity Plan.
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