Summit Rental System™ - Software for Equipment Rental Businesses


  • Portable Restroom / Portable Toilet Rental
  • Portable Sanitation
  • Job Shack & Trailer Rental
  • Mobile Office Rental
  • Storage Container Rental
  • Mobile / Portable Storage Rental
  • Mobile Shredding Rental
  • Roll-Off / Debri Box Rental
  • Temporary Fence Rental
  • Construction / Equipment Rental
  • Traffic & Safety Equipment Rental
  • Temporary Power Rental
  • Solid Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Landscape & Pool Maintenance
  • Medical Equipment Rental
  • Other Equipment Tracking Industries
  • Other Repetitive Billing Industries

A customer accounting and operations management software system for equipment rental and repetitive service businesses with Billing, Customer Accounting, Inventory Control, Route Management, Mapping, etc.

All of the critical aspects of customer accounting and operations management are included. Detailed customer and job site data are the foundation for automatic, repetitive billing according to various billing methods assigned to each job, whether in advance, arrears, or by special event. Pro-rations, extra charges (fuel, disposal, etc.), and sales tax calculations are automatic along with integrated credit card processing. Organize and optimize service routes on street level mapping for improved profits in operation of the business. Summit Rental System™ inventory tracking is almost effortless, keeping management in better control with minimal attention. Turn your equipment rental company from being overwhelmed to a fine-tuned, profitable enterprise!

For those who want to start out with only a billing and collections system, the "Plus" edition of the Summit Rental System is the right program (See Comparison Guide, below). The "Plus" edition allows the new business or those new to computers an opportunity to be more efficient with their customer service, have professional invoices, manage delivery and pickup schedules, and then expand to other capabilities, as the need, time, and budget allow. 

If you do not need a billing system, check our Summit Route Management (specific tools to build your equipment rental business).

Choose from Plus, Pro, Deluxe or Premium editions. Each with Monthly or Standard Licensing to fit your needs and budget.  See Comparison Guide below.

Product Comparison Guide
Product Edition / Feature Plus Pro Deluxe Premium
Customers, jobs, orders
Delivery, pickup and special service orders
Billing, basic receivables
Auto email invoices, etc.
Integrated credit cards
Robust database structure
Basic routing/dispatching
Route optimizing on street level maps (anywhere in the world)
Basic inventory control
User login and menu-level password security+
Expanded routing/dispatching
Expanded inventory control
Expanded reporting
QuickBooks®/PeachTree® tie-in
GPS/AVL tie-in+
ERIT™ scanning/tracking+
Caller-ID tie-in*
Report writer built-in*
Smartphone integration*
Mobile Customer App*
Latest feature releases
+Update coming soon
*New feature coming soon

For a more detailed comparison guide, click on the More Info button:

Please contact us for more information on:
  • Data import/conversion from your old program.
  • ERIT scanning/tracking hardware (available for purchase online).
  • GPS/AVL hardware.
  • Continuity Plan.
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