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Read what our customers have to say about Summit products and Ritam Technologies:

"Every day I get deeper into Summit, I am more and more impressed. I'm glad I found you!"—BS in MD

"[Summit Route Management] has saved me countless headaches and added tremendously to my bottom line!"—DL in WI

"Thanks, Mark.  As we've grown (little by little), it has become much clearer how important your software is to our success. Looking back, I should have got on the continuity plan at the beginning, but I was trying to save as much as I could and cut corners. Now I know better. Thank you for a great product that makes our life easier!"—BD in SC

"The way you have this working [Summit Rental System] is awesome! It's so easy! Maybe you need to show me the first time, but then it's simple to take it from there. I have worked at other companies where their software is so difficult to use and complicated. I really like working with Summit. It makes my job easier."—VM in CA

"We are a water treatment company located in Pipersville, PA. We are new owners to the business. The previous owners used Summit Service Reminders Life since 2017. We love the program, it suits our needs, and we do not need to add to it, as it's perfect the way it is!"—MW in PA

"I love working with Summit. It's the easiest program I have ever used, and your support is there when I need it."—VR in CA

"Summit is 20,000 times easier than using QuickBooks! I know, because I've used them both."—DM in TX

"Thank you very, very, very, very, very, very (6x) much! We can't live with out it [Summit]! We probably go into it 500-1000 times daily."—L in TN

"We have been using Ritam Technologies for over 10 years now. We have NO complaints about their software, and it is not only affordable but extremely comprehensive to use (especially for us PRO's). Unlike a lot of other software out there, Ritam does the best job. We always look at what software is new, but Ritam still offers everything out there without an unreasonably high cost. Their customer service is impeccable too!"—MT in WI

“I've really enjoyed working with you and getting expert help when I call in. The software has made my life so much better!”—HM in OR

"We've been with Summit since the beginning, and we wouldn't change for anything! You've built a great program there. If somebody paid me to move off of Summit, I wouldn't do it!"—JH in NJ

"You have a great teacher there with Mark. We have been using the program [Summit Rental System] for almost 30 years, and it has kept up with our growth from day one. I can't imagine doing without it."—BJ in LA

"I'm impressed by all the amount of detail you have in Summit. If you set it up properly, it will pretty much do things for you automatically from there. The data updating tools are really cool. We can quickly do a change affecting many accounts all at once."—DM in TX

"This software catapulted the growth of our business to double each of the last two years!"—DY in LA

"I love this program, and I tell everyone I know in the industry about it. Since I got the program, I feel like I died and went to heaven! Everyone loves our invoices! Push a few buttons, and they’re printed. From what date to what date, the total price, everything’s there. Others look like kindergartners did them. Ours are totally professional. I’ve had customers call and thank us for the clear and easy to understand invoices. It’s like night and day compared to others."—JT in FL

"Your tech support is just great! I love you guys!”—B in TX 

"Our experience with you and your team has been quite pleasant so far. I wanted you to know the level of service you are giving us is what we give our customers and we really appreciate it. Please feel free to offer our company name and phone number as a reference to potential new customers of yours.”—VS in NV

“We love it! It works great!”—JC in NM

"We have used Summit since 1998 and we think this program is the greatest invention ever! It's a great benefit to our business.”—KL in NY  

"I'm glad I found this program. The former owners just used postcards with the next service date on them, and it was impossible to find anything quickly. Now with Summit, it's just a matter of seconds."—BT in Ontario, CANADA

"Absolutely love this [email] feature, and our customers love it! Thanks for introducing this feature."—KB in VA

"Now that we have the new emailing capability [for our technicians to receive their work orders] tied to their smart phones, we can disable our [old] paging system."—LC in LA

"Everything is going real well with the new [Summit] software. It's a huge improvement over what we had before."—RV in CA

"I finally realize why they named the software Summit, because after you’ve finally mastered it, it feels like your standing on top of a mountain … in a good way!

But seriously, the software has been a game changer for us. We have never been able to effectively manage our inventory and Summit does what we expected plus a whole lot more.  Considering it fully automates late charges and informs customers of skipped open balances, the software is basically paying for itself. Add that to the outstanding customer service and all the extra features and I can’t believe how we ever used QuickBooks for as long as we did. What used to be A LOT of spreadsheets, notes and creating order sheets through Microsoft Word is now done with a click here a number there and print. Thanks again for all the work and thought you have put into this software and any issue we’ve had, Mark and Noah both have the patience of saints!"—MS in NY

"My experience with Ritam Technologies' staff has been fantastic! The tech support I received from Noah on how to best utilize Summit Service Profit Builder program to my best advantage has been invaluable.

Noah's kind, funny, patient, teaching style has empowered me to feel confident in navigating my way through Summit. How many people can actuyally say learning a new computer program was fun, easy, empowering, and a wonderful experience."—DP in MA

"This program is right up our alley, it's exactly what we need - and I can already tell it's user friendly too."—MS in MI

“This stuff’s great! I love your software, and I would tell everyone in the industry to get it.”—BH in IL

"I just love the new emailing feature. I come in Monday mornings and zip-zip: everything’s done in a matter of minutes.”—LL in FL 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you...You're my hero of the week.”—GA in ID

“The girls just love this new version, especially the zip code lookup. They don't have to type the city, state, or even the tax rate. It's great!"—FG in CA

“You guys just amaze me! Anytime I have an issue, you get right in and fix me up quickly. You’ve been great! Thanks!”—LJ in MD

"I am amazed at what this program can do. I can't tell you how much we appreciate all you have done."

"I never dreamed we would be able to manage our business the way we can with Summit, let alone be able to talk with someone who understands the industry so well."—TS in ID

"After our company sold to a larger firm, my accounting manager came to the conclusion he wanted his Summit program back. In fact, he was willing to spend his own money just to do that! The flexibility and control were much greater, and the cost, including any desired changes, was a fraction of the other company's program."—PP in CA/TX

"I am so happy we found your software and that you could make it work for us."

"I even got the Plant/Operations manager excited about something for once. When he came in this morning, I showed him the print outs and he said they looked great."—AW in GA

"Good Deal! I do like this program."—ME in PA

“The more we get into this program, the more I realize we made the right choice. There’s a lot here, and we will grow into using more of it as time allows. The program is absolutely what we wanted, and we're finding out daily how to better take advantage of it. Thanks for all your help!"—DB in MA

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the Summit Service Profit Builder software I purchased for our septic company. We recently got new computers and our old programs were not compatible to say the least.

I talked to a few people before I finally found your company, and no one seemed to know what to do or how to do it. Also, they did not seem interested in helping really. How happy I was to talk to you. From the beginning you were extremely helpful. You asked a lot of questions and you got right down to business. You seemed extremely knowledgeable, and the fact that my old, dusty, and completely out of date system didn’t seem to scare you made me feel confident that I made the right choice. You helped me in 2 days with my program needs and converting and loading my old data. (I anticipated a long, terrible process.) And you did it remotely, which to me was rather impressive.

To follow that, you set it all up because I was having trouble. And every time I called with a question, you patiently helped me get through any problem I had. I love my new software and have learned to bend it to my exact needs.

I cannot thank you enough for this good product and great service you have provided me. It was definitely money well spent for the business and great relief for me. When you are the person people depend on, it’s good to have the right tools!” —AT in MI

"I wish all the people that I do business with had your customer service. Thanks for your help."—ME in PA

“We wanted to take this time to thank you for all your assistance to us in our conversion to Summit software.

Your program has lived up to all our expectations, and we are very happy with its performance and the support we’ve received from you. The time and instructions you’ve supplied us has made a potentially difficult process very easy.

It is an excellent program and we would recommend it to anyone in the business”—JS in MA

“I would like to thank you for all the help and support you have given me in the past several months.

When you sold us the program that was only the first step, I was amazed at how much time and patience you had walking me through each step of the installation process. And most important, being there whenever I needed help.

Our next step to improve our company is to purchase the mapping and routing program. Whenever you are introduced to something new you always have mixed emotions, but I feel extremely confident knowing you will be there for me each step of the way.

I would highly recommend Ritam Technologies and the Summit program to others and feel this will be a great asset to any company.”—RA in MA

“I want to take time to advise you on how much we have appreciated the prompt, courteous support given by your company. The quality of the persons working for you is extraordinarily superior. ...We have been more than satisfied with the service you provide and would highly recommend your services.” —LH in CA

“Because of Summit we were able to switch to a 28-day billing cycle easily and that alone paid for our software purchase. Summit Rental Profit Builder™ is perfectly named, as all it has done is increase our profits. It has freed up 2 to 3 hours of my day and turned our end-of-month invoicing from drudgery, to a very simple process. Our customers really appreciate their invoices itemized and pro-rated so they rest easy, paying only what they need to.

Customer checks are coming in sooner and more often with little or no calls complaining about mis-billing. Our pick-ups and deliveries are more efficient, and I absolutely love this program! It has made a huge difference in lowering stress in the company and increasing profits.

I would be happy to talk to anyone about how great Summit is. And most of all, Summit software is user friendly, but Ritam Technologies and it's people are very helpful and friendly to work with.”—KC and JC in NC

“I have both the Summit Rental Profit Builder™ and Summit Service Profit Builder™ programs. I love them! They're very easy to use, and the Reminder Cards are almost guaranteed money!”—JB in NH

“Your Summit software program has really proven itself! I would recommend the software to anyone (and considering I was completely computer illiterate, I think it's safe to say that anyone can operate it!) I also want to thank you again for showing me so much patience throughout the whole process…everyone at Ritam has been excellent to work with and I appreciate that more than anything.”—LW in CA

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