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Lite Editions Plus Editions
Lite Editions each focus on a single, specific purpose to quickly boost your business. Simple to operate but powerful in results, these tools offer a glimpse of the possibilities that Summit software can provide, while you get a compact solution to immediately grow your business. Now is the time to put RitamTechnologies to work for you. Plus editions combine the features of two Lite products and include additional bonus features. Everything you need to quickly expand your business: detailed customer tracking, work order printing, auto-repeat, diagrams, site photos, mapping, and automatic emailing. If you need billing and accounting features, step up to one of our full systems: Plus, Pro, Deluxe or Premium.

Features Lite Editions
Service Maintenance

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Service Appointments
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Unlimited customers, job sites, and work orders
Speedy customer and job search by multiple methods
System types and detailed location / size data
Detailed work history with comments, descriptions
Marketing / mailing labels by customer and job site
Customer suspense monitoring
Schedule date, planned next service date
Adjustable service frequency (days, weeks, months)
Reminder cards, labels, call reports by task type
Thank You cards and marketing coupons
Maintenance service contract tracking
Service schedules for maintenance plans
Technician assignment and sales activities tracking
Contract reminder cards, labels, call reports
Schedule technicians, trucks, and specialized equipment
Track assignment of up to three technicians per job
Priority-based workflow management by technician or truck
Job status tracking from proposal to completion
Link directly from dispatching to work order details
Task skills and equipment requirements
Assign technicians and equipment according to tasks
Schedule according to task duration, travel time, and planned arrival
Assign up to three technicians per job
View appointments by technician and equipment
Link directly from appointment schedule to work orders
Quickly identify conflicts and adjust schedules as needed due to work delays

Additional Features in Plus Editions
Plus Editions
(Any two Lite Editions combined into
a single integrated Plus Edition -- with added features)
Work order printing: individual or batch
Open order reporting by date, technician, and area
Auto-repeat of contractual work
Contract due to expire reminder cards, labels, call reports
Attach diagrams, photos, maps to work orders
Route optimization on street level maps
-Requires subscription to online mapping
Mobile routing and mapping: Optimize service routes on street level maps anywhere in the world:
  • Worldwide mapping
  • Instant route optimization
  • Truck capacities, hours available
  • Arrival times considered
  • Mobile route management
  • Voice navigation
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Signal successful completion
  • Tracking current truck locations
  • Historical route review
-Requires subscription to online mapping and mobile route management app (est. $15 per month, per truck).
Direct and batch emailing
Multi-user options and network capabilities
User logins with critical feature and menu security controls