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  • Portable Restroom / Portable Toilet Rental
  • Portable Sanitation
  • Job Shack & Trailer Rental
  • Mobile Office Rental
  • Storage Container Rental
  • Mobile / Portable Storage Rental
  • Mobile Shredding Rental
  • Roll-Off / Debri Box Rental
  • Temporary Fence Rental
  • Construction / Equipment Rental
  • Traffic & Safety Equipment Rental
  • Temporary Power Rental
  • Solid Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Landscape & Pool Maintenance
  • Medical Equipment Rental
  • Other Equipment Tracking Industries

Software for rental and repetitive service businesses that require a routing system without billing.

If you already have a billing system that you are not ready to change but need better route management, Summit Route Management™ is your best solution! Just add Summit Route Management as a stand-alone database to optimize and manage routes for delivery, pickup, and services, while your billing system continues doing what is does.

Throw away the spreadsheet and the constant data entry to keep your routes up to date! (Actually, let us import the data to Summit Route Management, and then you can throw them away.) Take advantage of single-click optimizing and Google® map views! With Summit Route Management, the struggle is over. A streamlined customer and job site setup leads to a rental item and route assignment screen. Instantly generate your routes, optimize, and go! Print optimized route sheets for each technician, and you can then redirect your efforts to building your business. Companies small and large can benefit from Summit Route Management without having to change their accounting systems.

Depending upon your industry or product line, Summit Route Management has options to automatically include disposal stops in your optimized route. Assign your starting and finishing points, and the system will connect the dots for the most efficient means of servicing your customers, including disposal. Less driving and more productive servicing!

A key feature unique to Summit Route Management is the Profitability Report. This allows you to monitor revenues and multiple cost factors on your routes and quickly measure results from changes in route assignments and optimizing. With Summit Route Management, less driving and fewer labor hours to complete the route bring greater profits. Compare daily and weekly results, and instantly ensure you are on track for a more efficient and profitable business.

All of this is included in the Lite edition!

Step up to Summit Route Management, Plus edition, to go fully mobile and paperless. Share your optimized routes with smart phone, iPhone, iPad, or tablets. Technicians view route details and special instructions, obtain turn-by-turn navigation, and instantly notify customers as services are completed or when issues arise. Back in the office, you get automatic tracking on street-level maps with their routes and current positions shown, plus the ability to emergency dispatch as needed.

Multiple status options allow supervisors to effortless monitor what is going on in the field and receive instant notifications of issues requiring their attention. All that is required is the technician choosing from a list of options, and the system takes it from there. No typing is required in the field! Simply Tap and Send.

Customers may even log into a special Web Portal to view their own Proof of Service!

Need even more? We are currently working on integrating Summit Proof! inventory control features as an add-on option for Summit Route Management, Plus edition. Effortlessly assign inventory to each new job site, and instantly know what is left in the yard, including remote yards! Conduct a spot-check to match against the computer and keep your employees honest. Also know what is available during the busy season crunch to avoid over-selling or under-selling your inventory.

Summit Route Management starts with a single point of entry for customer and job site setup. From there, route optimizing, mapping, route sheets or mobile management are simple steps to get on top and stay on top of your operation. Turn your company from being overwhelmed to a fine-tuned, profitable enterprise!

Choose from Lite or Plus (Mobile) editions. Each offers Monthly or Standard Licensing to fit your needs and budget. See Comparison Guide below.

If  you require customer billing and accounting, expand to Summit Rental System or Summit Service System. You may also add Summit Proof! separately to track inventory from cradle to grave.

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Edition Benefits Guide
Lite Edition Plus Edition
Throw away your spreadsheets and laborious data entry, after we import your data into Summit Route Management™!

With Summit Route Management, Lite edition, you can manage your routes and optimize them in a snap! You can even place customers or jobs on suspense or stop service temporarily, whether for credit issues or worker vacations. Immediately resume service when the issue is resolved. Detailed, sequenced route sheets with comments keep your drivers on track and fully informed. If you don’t require inventory control or a billing system, this is the first step in reducing your route management burden.

Don’t change your billing system…
…Just add Summit Route Management!
Take all of the benefits of Summit Route Management Lite and go fully mobile and paperless!

Technicians view route details and special instructions, obtain voice navigation, and instantly notify customers when completed or if issues arise. Monitor route progress from the office with dynamic status updates and view current locations for efficient emergency dispatching. Customers may view their own Proof of Service from a secure Web Portal.

Step up to Summit Route Management, Plus edition, and improve your efficiencies and profits. Save a tree while staying in touch!

For inventory control, add Summit Proof!
For billing and accounting capabilities, upgrade to the Summit Rental System to improve your office efficiency, customer service, and profits.

Product Comparison Guide
Features Lite Plus Mobility
Streamlined Customer, Job Site, and Service Setup
Customer Suspense / Stop Service Tracking
Delivery, Pickup & Service Route Assignment Screen
Scheduling and Work Order Management (delivery, pickup, special service)
Route Optimizing from a Single Click with Google® map view*
Integrated Disposal Runs
Route Scheduler Calendar for drag & drop service schedule management
Detailed Route Sheets
Route Profit Reporting
Paperless Operation
Share Optimized Routes with Technicians' mobile devices%
Choice of Smart Phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad (Android or iOS, mix & match)
Drill Down to route details, special instructions, or overview maps
Voice Navigation from job to job and back
Instant Message Customers and Job Supervisors when completed or notify of issues
Monitor Route Progress on street-level map with status of route stops/technicians
Emergency Dispatch inserted at chosen point in route
Customer Proof of Service Web Portal
*Some Summit software products utilize email services, SMS text messaging services, merchant card processing services, mapping services, and mobile services. To take advantage of these options, users would need to have accounts, such as email, with their chosen vendor in order to use that feature. Links to certain, specific vendors have been programmed into Summit software, and any questions should be directed to sales, training, or technical support.
%Technician apps licensed separately.

Please contact us for more information on:
  • Data import/conversion from your old program.
  • Summit Proof! Mobile App.
  • Continuity Plan.
Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an on-line demo.

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