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  • Portable Sanitation
  • Job Shack & Trailer Rental
  • Mobile Office Rental
  • Storage Container Rental
  • Mobile / Portable Storage Rental
  • Mobile Shredding Rental
  • Roll-Off / Debri Box Rental
  • Temporary Fence Rental
  • Construction / Equipment Rental
  • Traffic & Safety Equipment Rental
  • Temporary Power Rental
  • Solid Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Landscape & Pool Maintenance
  • Medical Equipment Rental
  • Other Equipment Tracking Industries

Software for rental and repetitive service businesses that require a routing system without billing.

If you already have a billing system that you are not ready to change but need better route management, our Summit Route Management offerings are your best solutions!

Throw away the spreadsheet and the constant data entry to keep your routes up to date! With Summit Route Management, the struggle is over. A streamlined customer and job site setup leads to an extremely easy route assignment screen. Instantly generate your routes and organize stops. Print route sheets for each driver / technician, and you can then redirect your efforts to building your business. Companies small and large can benefit from Summit Route Management without having to change their accounting systems.

For those who want the most efficient routes automatically, step up to the Plus edition to instantly optimize service routes on street level maps. Additional features include condensed route sheets, route profitability reporting, and optionally go fully mobile. Depending upon options selected, share your optimized routes with Garmin, TomTom, smart phone, iPhone, iPad, or tablets. Drivers get turn-by-turn navigation, ability to drill down into route details, including comments and special instructions, then flag services as completed or capture the customer's signature. Back in the office, you get automatic tracking on street-level maps with their routes and current position shown, plus the ability to emergency dispatch as needed.

Need even more? Get the extra edge with added inventory control features in our Pro edition. Effortlessly assign inventory to each new job site, and instantly know what is left in the yard, including remote yards! Conduct a spot-check to match against the computer and keep your employees honest. Also know what is available during the busy season crunch to avoid over-selling or under-selling your inventory.

Summit Route Management starts with a single point of entry for customer and job site setup. From there, service routing and inventory tracking are simple selections to get on top and stay on top of your operation. Turn your company from being overwhelmed to a fine-tuned, profitable enterprise!

Choose from Lite, Plus, or Pro editions. Each with Monthly or Standard Licensing to fit your needs and budget. See Comparison Guide below.

If  you need a billing system, expand to Summit Rental System or Summit Service System or Summit Proof! to track job sites, driver locations, work order completion, inventory, and provide customers with instant proof of service confirmations.

Video Demos

Intro Video #1 - Paperless Mobile Routing Intro Video #3 - Paperless Mobile Routing Short Intro Video - Route Management Lite Edition
Intro Video #2 - Paperless Mobile Routing Short Intro Video - Route Management Plus Edition
Click here for additional information on Advanced Mapping & Routing Options
Edition Benefits Guide
Lite Edition Plus Edition Pro Edition
Throw away your spreadsheets and laborious data entry! With Summit Route Management Lite you can manage your routes and reorganize them in a snap. You can even place customers or jobs on suspense or stop service temporarily, whether for credit issues or worker vacations. Immediately resume service when the issue is resolved. Detailed, sequenced route sheets with comments keep your drivers on track and fully informed. If you don’t require inventory control or a billing system, this is the first step in reducing your route management burden. Take all of the benefits of Summit Route Management Lite and add powerful features for rapidly optimizing routes and instantly measure your effectiveness with Summit Route Management Plus. Organize routes efficiently and place stops in their optimal sequence. Route costing features allow you to monitor route profitability for each driver each day. Additional networking options make the security features even more valuable. Step up to Summit Route Management Plus, and improve your efficiencies and profits. If you require inventory control or additional routing features, consider upgrading to Summit Route Management Pro. Take all of the benefits of Summit Route Management Lite and Plus and add other powerful features for inventory control. Inventory can be tracked as bulk (non-numbered) or individually numbered. Assign inventory as you set up the job site, and Summit will automatically maintain your list of available inventory. See what remains in the yard at any time and even transfer inventory between your company divisions effortlessly while maintaining control.  If you require billing, expanded inventory control, and additional routing features, consider upgrading to the Summit Rental System to improve your efficiencies and profits.

Product Comparison Guide
Features Lite Plus Pro
Customer & Job Setup
Customer Suspense / Stop Service Tracking
Streamlined Delivery & Service Route Assignment Screen
Route Stop Assignments & Reorganizing from a Single Screen
Detailed Route Sheets
Simplified Route Completion
Route optimization on street level maps*
Mobile routing and mapping:*
Optimize service routes on street level maps anywhere in the world:
  • Worldwide mapping
  • Instant route optimization
  • Truck capacities, hours available
  • Arrival times considered
  • Mobile route management
  • Voice navigation
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Signal successful completion
  • Tracking current truck locations
  • Historical route review
Condensed Route Sheets
Route Cost Assignments
Profitability Reporting
User Logins with Critical Function & Menu Security Controls
Multi-User / Network Capability
Basic Inventory Control
Expanded Setup and Maintenance features:
  • Non-numbered and numbered Inventory tracking
  • Instantly add multiple units
  • Inventory transfers between company divisions
Optionally include unit numbers on Route Printing
Inventory Reports and Inquiries:
  • Item Location Inquiry
  • Bulk Location Inquiry
  • Availability Inquiry
  • Availability Report
  • Assignment Mis-Match
  • Inventory List
  • Status Report
  • Status Inquiry
Inventory Assignment screen (tied to Order details)
Summit Proof! capable*^% O O O
*Some Summit software products utilize email services, SMS text messaging services, merchant card processing services, mapping services, and mobile services. To take advantage of these options, users would need to have accounts, such as email, with their chosen vendor in order to use that feature. Links to certain, specific vendors have been programmed into Summit software, and any questions should be directed to sales, training, or technical support.
^Requires subscription to Summit Proof! mobile app
%Technician apps licensed separately.

Please contact us for more information on:
  • Data import/conversion from your old program.
  • Summit Proof! Mobile App.
  • Continuity Plan.
Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an on-line demo.

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