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A billing and collections system for smaller businesses or those just starting out. This edition is a scaled-down version of the Pro edition without routing, mapping or inventory. Features include customer, jobs, billing, receivables, automatic credit card processing, and management reporting. Start your business on the right foot, with an industry-specific software program. All the tools required to operate your business are included: customer, jobs, billing, receivables, automatic credit card processing, service routing, route optimizing on street level map, inventory tracking, and management reporting. It’s all here to get you up and running quickly and to assist you taking your business to the next level. All of the Pro Edition features are included and expanded for your business to benefit to the maximum. Tie-in to QuickBooks® or PeachTree®, enhanced reporting, routing, mapping, receivables, and inventory tracking increase value and usability. More advanced features, such as dispatch management, route and map searching, and customer contract pricing help streamline operations and provide greater depth of management control to fully support the growing business. All of the Pro and Deluxe Edition features are included, and additional advanced features are added for those who need to have the latest and greatest tools now. Included are mobile routing and mapping integration, Summit Proof!, GPS system tie-in, and more to come. Our newest cutting-edge features debut in this edition first. Leverage greater business profits with advanced technology, with still more to come.

Features Plus Pro Deluxe Premium
Multi-company, multi-division capability right out of the box
Unlimited customer and job site setup, order processing, and rental agreements
Delivery, pickup and special service orders
Complete rental and service history
Insurance or other documents tied to customer and job sites
Automatic city/state and tax rate lookup based on postal code
Integrated credit card processing
-Requires MerchantWare/Cayan merchant account for automatic processing; ask for details
Transaction tracking by general ledger revenue categories
Over 35 billing methods including Special Event, 28-Day, Monthly
Automatic pro-rations, and additional charges as needed (fuel, disposal, etc.)
Automatic sales tax calculations and reporting
Automatic price change features
Fast payment application with single-click application to multiple invoices
Batch email or printing of Invoices or statements at any time
Optional late charges by percentage or flat rate with minimums
Detailed and summary aging reports
Open orders by date
Purchase order tracking (expiration date and value limit)
Detailed and summary sales and receipts reports
Route sheets, route cards, and service labels
Route profitability reporting by driver / route
Route reorganization from a single screen
Route optimization on street level maps
-Requires subscription to online mapping
Mobile routing and mapping: Optimize service routes on street level maps anywhere in the world:
  • Worldwide mapping
  • Instant route optimization
  • Truck capacities, hours available
  • Arrival times considered
  • Mobile route management
  • Voice navigation
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Signal successful completion
  • Tracking current truck locations
  • Historical route review
-Requires subscription to online mapping and mobile route management app (est. $15 per month, per truck).
Multi-warehouse inventory for numbered and non-numbered inventory
Inventory inquiries: detailed and summary by warehouse
Disposal reports by source and destination
Open orders by technician / area
Tie-in to Quickbooks® / PeachTree®
User logins, menu-level, and critical function password security
Customer contract pricing
Additional aging reports by salesrep, service area, and corporate consolidations
Invoice, receipts, and adjustment recaps by general ledger categories
Invoice accrual according to period earned
Condensed route sheets and simplified route completion
Route grid and map search to assist rapid route assignments
Delivery and pickup dispatch and batch printing of delivery / pickup orders
Service dispatch and management of workflow
Expanded inventory features (reports, inquiries, and projections)
Expanded sales reports and salesrep commission tracking
Expanded rental analysis reports
GPS tie-in for vehicle and service tracking
 hardware not included; additional costs apply.
Summit Proof! capable O O O
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