Summit Route Management - Plus (Standard Licensing)
This edition includes all of the benefits of Summit Route Management Lite and additional powerful features for rapidly optimizing routes and instantly measure your effectiveness. Efficiently organize routes and place stops in their optimal sequence with the latest desktop mapping software. Route costing features allow you to monitor route profitability for each driver each day. Additional networking options make the security features even more valuable, and more.

Plus Edition with Standard Licensing includes all features in Route Management Lite and:
  • Customer & Job Setup
  • Customer Suspense / Stop Service Tracking
  • Streamlined Delivery & Service Route Assignment Screen
  • Route Stop Assignments & Reorganizing from a Single Screen
  • Detailed Route Sheets
  • Simplified Route Completion
  • Condensed Route Sheets
  • Route Cost Assignments
  • Profitability Reporting
  • User Logins with Critical Function & Menu Security Controls
  • Multi-User / Network Capability
  • 1-user license
  • 30-day telephone/internet support - starts at program activation
  • 60-day access to online training video library
  • Training Q&A - occasional quick question/answer
  • Program Updates - as available
  • And Options for:
    • ^Route optimization on street level maps
    • +Mobile routing and mapping: Route optimizing on street level maps (anywhere in the world)
^Requires subscription to online mapping (Optional)
+Requires subscription to online mapping and mobile route management app (est. $15 per month, per truck) (Optional)

After 30-day telephone/internet support expires, dedicated training is available at an additional cost.
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