Summit Proof - Additional Technician Apps (each) (Monthly Licensing)

Add Technician Apps for any additional technicians you want to use Summit Proof!

Technician App allows your technicians out in the field to scan units as they are delivered, serviced, or picked up. A "message type" is selected, and the appropriate message is automatically sent to the customer and/or job site contacts upon completion of the task. This is either email or text, according to the preferences of those contacts. The "last known location" for the unit and technician are automatically stored by the system, providing an on-going tracking of inventory, job sites, and technician locations.

Note that the package includes the Supervisor App, which includes all of the capabilities of the Technician App and more. Add Technician Apps for any additional technicians you want to use Summit Proof!

Enrollment in Monthly Licensing requires 3 months be paid in advance and a 12-month minimum enrollment. Your initial 3-month payment will constitute your authorization for recurring, automatic monthly credit card payments, which will occur on or around the 1st of each month, starting on month 4. After the initial 12-month minimum enrollment, you will receive a renewal reminder. Upon renewal, a re-enrollment code will be provided. Ritam reserves the right to change the terms at the end of each enrollment period.

Cart will show a 3-month in advance payment. Starting on month 4, recurring charges will be $12/mo for each additional technician app.

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