Summit Proof (Monthly Licensing)

Offer 1 - Summit Proof!

*$32/month for first 12 months--45% OFF! (Nomally *$58/month)


  • Desktop app...$400 value
  • Supervisor app...$150 value
  • Email/Text manager...$100 value
  • Customer web portal...$100 value
  • Cloud storage, Back up & Updates/Upgrades...$22 value/month
  • TOTAL VALUE...$750 + $22/month 
  • SPECIAL OFFER limited to first 100 by March 1, 2018

Also includes:

  • 30-day telephone/internet support - starts at program activation
  • 24/7 access to online training video library - unlimited
  • Training Q&A - occasional quick question/answer
  • Training Walk-throughs - short, guided walk-through sessions

​*Monthly price includes Cloud storage, Back up & Updates/Upgrades.

Enrollment in Monthly Licensing requires 3 months be paid in advance and a 12-month minimum enrollment. Your initial 3-month payment will constitute your authorization for recurring, automatic monthly credit card payments, which will occur on or around the 1st of each month, starting on month 4. Ritam reserves the right to change the licensing terms and/or prices.

Cart will show a 3-month in advance payment. Starting on month 4, recurring charges will be $32. After month 12, the recurring monthly charge will be $58.

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