Advanced Mapping
Advanced Mapping with Microsoft® MapPoint®. Includes a one-user license of the latest version of Microsoft® MapPoint® mapping and third-party software to capture mapping data for use back within Summit…automatically.

If multiple users are licensed, a one-user license of the latest version of Microsoft® Streets & Trips will also be included for customer service use.

Same general look and feel to MapPoint® as with the more fundamental Streets & Trips…no great learning curve; No need to invoke the map separately, since Summit will open it as needed; Save optimized stop number sequence back into Summit’s routes automatically; Geo-code job sites automatically (saving latitude and longitude information) for faster mapping in future; Instantly find all jobs within a user-specified radius; use as assistance in determining route and day of week for servicing new job site; Automatically color-code map to reflect sales or demographic information directly from Summit, built-in MapPoint® data, or from an external source.
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