Summit Rental System™ - Software for Portable Restroom Rental Businesses

  • Automate your QuickBooks billing
  • Automatic pro-rations, sales tax
  • Automatic credit card processing
  • Automatic emailing of invoices, statements
  • Optimized routes with Google maps
  • Paperless, mobile route management
  • Minimums, damage waivers, fuel/disposal fees
  • Flexible service schedules (up to 3x per day)
  • Route profitability reporting
  • Detailed driver audit vs. standards
  • Automatic proof of service
  • Inventory bar-code scanning
  • Are you New to the Portable Restroom Industry
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The search is finally over! You found the best portable restroom industry-specific software with over 35 years of experience to handle your business the way you want it. With 4 editions to choose from, you can start small and grow the Summit Rental System as you grow your portable restroom company. Here is a small sample of what Summit can do for you:

  • Automatic pro-rations – No need to touch an account unless something changes. On-going cycle billing is automatic, whether billed in advance or in arrears!
  • Billing methods – What you need to bill, when you need to bill it (28-day billing, monthly billing, per service billing, special event, and 33 more to choose from)
  • Delivery/Pickup charges, Damage waivers, and more!
  • Email invoices -- Automatically!
  • Process credit cards – Auto-pay that truly is automatic!
  • Inventory management – Near effortless tracking of what is active and what is available, with projections to know what is planned (and still available) during your busy season!
  • Service routes – Assign a route yourself, or let the system decide for you!
  • Paperless, mobile route management – From customer phone call to delivery to service route to billing and receipt of payment – It can all be paperless!
  • Summit Proof! – Included with "Premium" edition and optional add-on for Plus, Pro and Deluxe editions: Track job sites, current driver locations, and inventory, via bar code scan (by smart phone); Provide instant proof of service confirmations via email or text to customers and supervisors; View jobs and technician locations on the same map; Customer web portal to view their own Proof! More info on Proof!

Now is the time to get rid of the old software that is slowing down your business!

Summit was designed for the Portable Restroom Rental Industry but still has the capability to handle multiple product lines and multiple company divisions. Whether a single user or a multi-branch operation, Summit will get you on top and keep you on top of your business.

Take your portable restroom business to a new level of efficiency with the Summit Rental System.

Choose from Plus, Pro, Deluxe or Premium editions. Each with Monthly or Standard Licensing to fit your needs and budget. (See Comparison Guide below.)

For those who want to start out with only a billing and collections system, the "Plus" edition of the Summit Rental System is the right program.
  • The "Plus" edition allows the new business or those new to computers an opportunity to be more efficient with their customer service, have professional invoices, manage delivery and pickup schedules, and then expand to other capabilities, as the need, time, and budget allow.
  • The "Pro" edition adds service routing and inventory, which are then expanded upon with Deluxe and Premium editions.
  • The "Deluxe" edition is recommended to properly manage all aspects of the portable restroom rental business.
  • The "Premium" edition is for those desiring everything we offer.

Whether budget conscious or looking for solutions to specific problems, the Summit Rental System is the right choice for your business.

If you do not need a billing system, check our Summit Route Management Tools or Summit Proof! to track job sites, driver locations, inventory, and provide customers with instant proof of service confirmations.

Product Comparison Guide
Product Edition / Feature Plus Pro Deluxe Premium
Customers, jobs, orders
Delivery, pickup and special service orders
Billing, basic receivables
Auto email invoices, etc.*
Integrated credit cards* O O O O
Basic routing
Basic inventory control
Route optimization on street level maps* O O O
Mobile routing and mapping* O O O
Expanded routing
Expanded inventory control
Expanded reporting
QuickBooks®/PeachTree® tie-in O
Summit Proof! capable*^% O O O
GPS tie-in O O
Latest feature releases
*Some Summit software products utilize email services, SMS text messaging services, merchant card processing services, mapping services, and mobile services. To take advantage of these options, users would need to have accounts, such as email, with their chosen vendor in order to use that feature. Links to certain, specific vendors have been programmed into Summit software, and any questions should be directed to sales, training, or technical support.
^Requires subscription to Summit Proof! mobile app.
%Technician apps licensed separately.

For those New to the Portable Restroom Industry or New to Software, these are some important facts you should consider when comparing our software to QuickBooks.

Others may have told you, “Just use QuickBooks.” Maybe your accountant even recommended it. What they don’t know are the specifics that make this industry unique. We know. After 35+ years of experience, here is why Summit is the right choice and why QuickBooks just won’t cut it:

  • Automatic pro-rations: QB doesn’t do pro-rations
  • Sales tax on pro-rations: Since QB can’t pro-rate, it can’t compute the sales tax
  • Billing methods: Daily (FEMA, BLM, etc.), Weekly (Refineries, Chemical Plants, etc.), 28-Day (matches your service schedules), Monthly (Government, etc.), Special Event (Weekend, Festivals, etc.), Per Service (Contractual Requirements), and more!
  • Billing in advance or arrears, selectable at the customer and job site levels
  • Damage waivers, pro-rated (according to rental) or not, matching your business policies
  • Automatic delivery and/or pickup charges
  • Inventory control: QB can only manage “for sale” inventory, not rental inventory
  • Service routing: QB simply won’t do it, and spreadsheets are way too much work
  • Mapping: Integrated in Summit but unavailable in QB
  • Paperless, mobile route management: Summit provides the icing on the cake!

With Quickbooks, and programs that rely on QB, you have to touch each account every time you want to bill. Change the “bill from” date, the “bill to” date, maybe the services performed, the extended amount, and any other direct changes required to reflect what transpired in “real life”. With Summit, you only touch an account when necessary to reflect changes. Set it up once, and forget it! On-going, cycle billing is automatic in Summit and includes all supplemental charges, pro-rations, sales tax; it’s done for you!

Automate your QuickBooks billing with Summit.

Please contact us for more information on:
  • Data import/conversion from your old program.
  • Summit Proof! Mobile App.
  • GPS hardware.
  • Continuity Plan.
Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an on-line demo.

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