Summit Array Software Demo Videos

Summit Array Software Demo Videos

Simple, Powerful Software Tools and Full Systems
to run your Equipment Rental Business efficiently

Portable Restrooms, Roll-Offs & Debris Boxes,
Temporary Fencing, Temporary Power, Mobile Shredding,
Traffic & Safety, Mobile Offices & Job Trailers, etc.

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Summit Route Management™ Lite
(without billing)
  • Get organized, instantly!
  • Single-click route optimizing with Bing!® and Google® maps!
  • Unlimited customers, job sites, and items at each job
  • Service Schedule Map
  • Single-click temp "stop service"
  • Built-in disposal runs or return to yard
  • Daily route trail maps and optimized route sheets
  • Master map of all jobs and technician locations
  • Unique Feature: Daily Route Profit reporting!
  • Mobile option, when you are ready
  • And much more!
  • No need to change software; just add Summit Route Management!

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Summit Proof!™ Lite
  • Transform your company into an model business!
  • Provide customers instant proof of service
  • Notify of service issues to keep customers "in the loop"
  • Customers choose preferred contact method: Email, Text, Phone
  • Predefined messages; technicians select and send -- No typing mistakes!
  • Customer Web Portal to view their own Proof! history
  • Inventory Control: "cradle to grave" from warehouse to job and back
  • Use on any mobile device: smart phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad
  • Unique Feature: Supervisor map of all jobs and current technician locations
  • And much more!
  • Don't change your software; just add Summit Proof!

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Summit Route Management™ Plus Proof! Mobility
(without billing)
  • Get your routes and go mobile!
  • All of the features of Summit Route Management Lite (see above)
  • Plus Mobile Routing and Dispatch Management:
    • Optimize routes, share with technicians, track their progress, interact
    • Mobile device: Map views, voice navigation, route details at finger tips!
    • Office/Supervisor: Emergency dispatch, route progress maps, dispatch messaging
    • Customer proof of service and status messaging updates
  • And much more!
  • Look for all of this in our new version coming soon!
  • Improve operations control at every level of your business!

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Summit Rental System™ Pro, Deluxe and Premium
(with billing)
The Pro, Deluxe, and Premium editions include everything in the "Lite" and "Plus" editions (above), with added features, including billing and accounting.
  • Pro edition includes all of the features of Summit Route Management Plus Proof! Mobility
  • Instant route optimizing and mobile management (see above)
  • Then adds Billing and Accounting, with:
    • Multiple billing methods: Special, Daily, Weekly, 28-Day, Monthly, and more!
    • Automatic pro-rations, credits, fuel/disposal charges, trip charges, discounts/donations
    • Sales Tax tracking by job/area; Automatic (zero click!) Credit Card Processing
    • Sinlge click Email Invoices and Statements
    • Accounts Receivable, Aging Reports, and more!
    • Essential Accounting and Sales Reports
  • Summit Proof! integration option
  • Customer Web Portal option: Online Payments, Account Settings, Orders, and more!
  • Multi-Company and Branch Corporate Reporting option!
  • Deluxe edition adds:
    • Inventory Control - Local and remote warehouses; current status; future projections
    • Commissions for Salesreps
    • General Ledger with links to QuickBooks®, Sage®, and more!
    • Vastly Expanded Sales Reporting, Graphs, and Comparison Charts
    • And much more!
    • Timely Management reports and graphic charts for Informed Decision Making!
  • Premium edition adds:
    • Bundled Mobile and Customer Web Portal options at a special price!
  • Look for all of this in our new versions coming soon!

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