Data Import / Conversions


We can electronically convert your data (from your existing software program) directly into Summit. This can be done in a matter of hours, not weeks, eliminating weeks of re-keying data. Data conversions can be performed electronically by pulling your existing information into our program and data structure. This function alone may save countless hours of time for your office personnel. It's almost as easy as "flipping the switch" from your old system to the new Summit system. We have successfully converted from the following programs:

  • Clear/TAC™
  • ServiceCore™
  • DataSan™
  • dBase®
  • Drains™
  • Excel® Spread Sheets
  • EZTrakR®
  • JBM™
  • Microsoft® Access®
  • QuickBooks®
  • Peachtree®
  • Proudware™
  • RouteOptix®
  • TheServiceProgram™
  • WinTac™
  • Custom Software
  • And many others

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