Advanced Route Optimizing

Advanced Route Optimizing

For more advanced mapping, routing and dispatching features, Summit integrates with the best online mapping systems and mobile device apps available at an incredible price! Depending upon selected options, these are sample included features: 


  • Online mapping with Bing and Google
  • Worldwide and constantly up to date

Paperless Mobile Route Management:

  • Routing
    • Instant route optimization, single truck or multiple trucks at once
    • Load balancing between trucks
    • Truck capacity considered to avoid overloading
    • Hours per day considered to avoid overtime
    • Arrival time windows available and routed accordingly
    • Reduce excess mileage and overtime
    • Data saved back in Summit to reference route assignment, stop numbers, and latitude/longitude
    • Can print route sheets in Summit as desired that automatically match results from route optimizing
  •  Dispatching
    • Send direct to drivers’ smart phones, iPhones, iPads, or tablets for mobile route management (or Garmin / TomTom if preferred)
    • Voice navigation stop to stop through their mobile devices
    • Add emergency services as they occur
    • Drivers access notes and phone numbers as needed
    • Feedback from drivers on completion of each service
    • Optional digital customer signature as proof of satisfaction
  • Tracking
    • In the office, monitor trucks on street-level maps
    • See route services as they are being performed
    • Review history for each driver as needed, including bread-crumb trail
    • No need for separate GPS system
  • Pricing
    • Starts at $15 per truck per month
    • Volume discounts may apply
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